Lerato Shadi, Selogilwe, 2010 one-channel-videowork, 7 Std. 3 min., videostill. Courtesy Lerato Shadi © Marc Bauer Foto: Studio Marc Bauer, Courtesy the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann



Berlin Art Week invites you to a new start to the cultural life in September. As in previous years, exhibition houses, private collections, project spaces and galleries will open their doors and present a programme of city-wide exhibitions and events. In this extraordinary year, the safety of all is paramount. Hybrid accesses and digital formats guarantee visitors a safe insight into Berlin art scene.  
Marc Bauer at Berlinische Galerie   
A solo exhibition honors this year's GASAG Art Prize winner Marc Bauer. His expansive installations of large murals, works on paper, animated drawings, and sounds will be on display at Berlinische Galerie and deal with topics such as migration, identity, gender, and critique of new media.   
Four exhibition openings at Kindl—Centre for Contemporary Art
Kindl—Center for Contemporary Art is opening four exhibitions with the new artistic director Kathrin Becker: A group exhibition, a space-consuming audiovisual installation consisting of two sound sculptures by Nik Nowak, and a new production by artist Lerato Shadi, who, as a representative of ›Black Feminism‹, places the marginalized body at the center of her work. A film work by Israeli artist Ann Oren will be shown in the newly created ›M1 VideoSpace‹.  
Series of events (EC)CENTRI|CITY—Die exzentrische Stadt‹
Akademie der Künste will be hosting a series of events showcasing films and talks, curated by Nadim Julien Samman (KW Institute of Contemporary Art), as part of the exhibition ›urbainable—stadthaltig. Positions on the European City for the 21st Century. Architects, scientists, and international artists will come together in analogue and digital form.   
Artistic intervention ›We (all) are the people‹ by Hans Haacke 
On the initiative of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) and in cooperation with, among others, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Akademie der Künste, Kindl—Center for Contemporary Art, and others, the artwork ›We (all) are the people‹ (2003/2017) by the conceptual artist Hans Haacke is being newly realized. Originally designed for an ideas competition in Leipzig, the work takes up the slogan of East German demonstrators from 1989/1990, with which Haacke emphasizes solidarity among all people, migrants, and refugees. The intervention will be shown open air in form of flags, banners, and posters on the facades and squares of partner institutions.