Osías Yanov, Coreografías de Sal, 2019, Performance and Installation, Faena Art, Buenos Aires. Photo: Loló Bonfanti Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Installation with HD, 7 min, 2016, Performance: Aérea NegrotShahram Entekhabi, Breakfast with Dinosaurs, 2008, Full HD, video still. Courtesy the artist



Podcasts, Tutorials, and Circuit Training of the Berlinische Galerie
The Berlinische Galerie has created a comprehensive digital offer in the past weeks: Guided Tours via Instagram-Live, video art in the Virtual Video Space, Tutorials for children from 6 years of age by Team Atelier Bunter Jakob, tours of the exhibitions in DGS (German Sign Language) and with subtitles, Impulse Lectures on exhibitions in Zirkeltraining:Art (Circuit Trainging) as well as a Podcast in which Thomas Köhler, Director of the Berlinische Galerie, is in dialogue with various people. This and much more can be found here
Berlin Video Art Festival of Berlinische Galerie and Videoart at Midnight
The three-day Berlin Video Art Festival is presented by the Berlinische Galerie together with Videoart at Midnight from 24—26 April 2020: 15 video works by 10 international artists who have been part of the Videoart at Midnight programme at the Berlin cinema Babylon since 2010. During the festival these videos will be presented on the website of the Berlinische Galerie. Among others, works by Monira al Qadiri, Filipa César, Antje Majewski, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Shingo Yoshida, Shahram Entekhabi, and Hiwa K. The entire selection of artistic works can be viewed in two parts during the festival: Part I (from 8 pm to 10 pm) and Part II (10 pm to midnight). The complete programme can be downloaded here
11th Berlin Biennale on Instagram and in the Media Library
A postponement of the 11th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art currently seems unavoidable, and the organizers and curators are currently examining options for new dates, together with the planned exhibition venues; more information will follow. In the digital realm, different modes of storytelling, solidarity, and resistance have already been evolving for some time. In fleeting geographies (20—26 APR on Instagram) political geographer Sinthujan Varatharajah explores issues of forced displacement, statelessness, and spatial inequalities, particularly those of Eelam Tamil people in a poetic stream of images and texts. In Jornadas de Sal entre Cucharas (Days of Salt, Between Spoons) (29 APR—5 MAY 2020 on Instagram) Osías Yanov has created a contribution to the digital space in images and texts to invite us to become immersed in his work and practice. Over the course of seven days, he will open his archives to share glimpses into essays, his research, and experiences.
In times of enclosure, the 11th Berlin Biennale once again returns to the stories that their guests and contributors have been sharing with them since autumn 2019. The performance in words and song on Solidarity by poet and artist Cecilia Vicuña, Sol-y-dar-y-dad (To Give and Give Sun), marked the beginning of our journey. It took place on September 20, 2019, the day of the largest international climate strike to date. At the time, she was asking how people hold and support each other when vulnerable. Now we can hear her again and ask what collective Solidarity can look like in this era of confinement for some and exposure of those most vulnerable. In these times of uncertainty, we slow down and listen anew. These and other audio, video, and image documentations can be found in the Media Library on the website. 
Curator Renata Cervetto on Osías Yanov: “Reading this contribution in the current situation unveils a completely new meaning in Osías’s work. Now it seems to describe a utopic future scenario of bonding anew or reconnecting. How much we miss the human touch, the closeness to one another, the desire to go back to that state. How can we find ourselves after months of isolation? What will these actions described by Osías mean in our world next year? I also feel that human touch is a way of touching the earth, becoming grounded, connecting with oneself. The detachment of bodies and complete uncertainty provokes, at least for me, the feeling of being on a roller coaster where your heart beats faster and anxiety never stops. It is like this is the new way of being until we find a way to become grounded again.”