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Michael Sports, Bling Bling, 2019 VR Installation (Installationsansicht) © ink Agop / Tropez

Exhibition, Project space

Exhibition 1 JUN—1 SEP 2019
Special Berlin Art Week 12—14 SEP 2019


This swimming season, TROPEZ brings the diverse lifestyles of the pool visitors into focus with AMOUR. The visual artworks as well as the performances, concerts, readings, screenings and children‘s workshops draw attention to the community of people from varied cultures, ages and social strata who congregate daily at the Sommerbad Humboldthain.

The Exhibition presents works of art which address Humboldthain Park, the communication between the swimmers and the body as a coveted object of desire. Pool visitors will encounter sculptures, photographs, films, VR installations and digital works dealing with the intersections of ecology, poetry, technology and politics. With: Gili Avissar, Kira Bunse, Natalie Czech, Constant Dullaart, Julie Favreau, Bertrand Flanet, Lucy Meyer, Hayal Pozanti, and Michael Sports.

The Performances present artists whose practices explore unusual venues and the involvement of the users. Whether it is puppet theatre, sound performance or choreography, all performances developed for TROPEZ address different facets of community. With: Das Helmi, Richard Frater, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Elisabeth Wood & TAWG, and Young Boy Dancing Group.

The Accompanying Events, curated by the publisher Broken Dimanche Press, the collective for electronic music and queer content Creamcake, the art magazine Starship, Clara Meister and Claire Molloy, bring further progressive positions in the fields of electronic music, new literature, film and sound art to TROPEZ. With: Broken Dimanche Press Literature at TROPEZ, Creamcake Europool, Starship Screenings at the Pool as well as performances from Peter Cant/Krzysztof Honowski and Christian Naujoks, invited by Meister/Molloy.

The programme 1, 2, 3 SOLEIL brings children and adolescents together with workshops on theatre, dance and film. With: Das Helmi, Dylan Spencer-Davidson and Luzie Meyer.