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298-C (Film still) © Nida Mehhoob

Opening , Project space
mp43-projektraum für das periphere

Short Films 12—15 SEP 2019
Preview days 12—13 SEP, noon—5pm
Opening 14 SEP, noon—9pm

Opening Film Talents

We are pleased that a selection of films from the program Film Talents:  Voices from Pakistan and Afghanistan will be shown during Berlin Art Week.

Sixteen young filmmakers from Pakistan and two from Afghanistan participated in the qualification program of the Goethe-Institut and the Prince Claus Fund; they were trained in several workshops in Karachi and Lahore in 2017/2018; the project coordinator was the filmmaker Till Passow, and he was supported by Pakistani and German trainers.

After five workshops, astonishing results came about that show how young people from both countries confront the socially relevant issues of their respective countries in an aesthetically appealing way. These issues include the work of washers and gully cleaners, discrimination against religious and sexual minorities, Sufis and Qawwali  singers. Several films have received international recognition. It would be desirable for these voices to gain a greater international audience. (Stefan Winkler, director, Goethe-Institut Pakistan)

Artists: Meher Jaffri, Aaez Raza, Ammara Khalid, Sheherazad Siddiqui, Samid Ali, Hamza Bangash, Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi, Khurram Sheikh, Tamanna Ayazi, Nida Mehboob, Samid Ali, Ali Rizvi, Maryam Altaf

In cooperation with the Goethe Institut Pakistan and the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development.