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Discussion and Talk , Performance

14 SEP 2019, 4pm—midnight
15 SEP. 10am—7pm
All events with simultaneous translation into English/German
Parts will be translated into German sign language

Reading Bodies! Cruising Corpoliteracy in Art, Education and Everyday Life

On the subway, on social media, at the museum—in fractions of a second, people classify other bodies into categories. Bodies are complex sign systems, which are—often unconsciously—interpreted by others. Corpoliteracy, or body reading, is interested in the complex backgrounds of how people perceive themselves and others and the mechanisms that lead to attributions, constraints and exclusions.

›Reading Bodies!‹ examines the transformative potential of the concept of corpoliteracy for a pluralistic and inclusive society. Performances and panels, workshops and interactive formats explore the diverse dimensions of the body as a new alphabet. Topics such as dis_ability, gender and racism will come up as well as the trend towards self-optimization and the influence of digital technologies on body images.

With Dynno Dada, Bogomir Doringer, Tina Escarlatina, Feministische Recherchegruppe, Human Rights Tattoo, Klaus Spiess & Lucie Strecker, Jules Sturm, Mavi Veloso & Sanni Est, Jeremy Wade and many others.