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Spor Klübü, Ella Ziegler, 3 min in the 3rd Space (video still) © Ella Ziegler
Spor Klübü, Ella Ziegler, Feigned Unconsciousness (video still) © Ella Ziegler

Exhibition, Project space

Exhibition 31 AUG—15 SEP 2019

Movement of Emotions. Ella Ziegler

An artistic research project about the performance of emotions

The ›Movement of Emotions‹ project is an artistic research project that looks at and investigates the immediacy of the performance of emotions in the artistic media of photography, text, video, language, performance and composition. Ziegler's specific focus is on subjective feelings, which are caused by interpersonal contact and interactions in different cultural contexts and can be perceived by bodily actions and impulses of those directly involved. The respective context in which feelings arise or emerge and become tangible are taken into account, since the context, the place and the situation, on the one hand, trigger feelings and, on the other hand, decisively influence the perception of feelings. The reflective artistic look on the gestures associated with emotions not only highlights the particular appearance or perceptibility of the gesture, but also ist performative and poetic potential.

If emotional interaction is the basis for responsibility and participation in collective social and emancipatory processes, then ›Movement of Emotions‹ is an encouraging contribution to giving strength and space to one’s own feelings.