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© Ulrike Ottinger vor ihrem Werk "Allen Ginsberg", Paris, 1965, Foto: privat
Ulrike Ottinger: Allen Ginsberg. 1966, Puzzle, Acryl auf Pressspan, 85 × 115 cm, Foto: Francis von Stechow


Exhibition 23 AUG 2019—13 OCT 2019

Paris Calligrammes. A Landscape of Memory by Ulrike Ottinger

In ›Paris Calligrammes‹, filmmaker, photographer, and collector of worlds Ulrike Ottinger will be linking historical archival material with her own artistic and film work to create a sociogram of the period of her coming of age as an artist. Paris of the 1960s was not just a point of attraction for artists from all over the world, but was also gripped by anti-colonial movements and political transformation, from the time of a hopeful new start after the Second World War, through the war in Algeria, leading up to the student protests of 1968. Her remembrance of the bohemian world encounter images of a multi-ethnic society in which cultures from the former colonies and Europe meet.  From the places where German intellectuals in exile gathered to Cinémathèque Française, which triggered Ottinger’s love of the cinema, she creates a cartography of a city and its utopias. In Ulrike Ottinger’s collaged landscape of memories they live on.