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© Patrick Tourneboeuf/ Collection Regard
© Patrick Tourneboeuf/ Collection Regard

Exhibition, Private collection

Exhibition 13 SEP—6 DEC 2019
Special opening hours Berlin Art Week
12—14 SEP 2019, 2—6pm
Opening 12 SEP 2019, 6—9pm 


Entlang der Mauer

Patrick Tourneboeuf 1988/90—2003—2019

In his work on the Berlin Wall, which he began in 1988, photographer Patrick Tourneboeuf, cofounder of the French collective Tendance Floue, captured the traces of history surrounding the fall of the Wall and the mutation of the landscape around it. Initially clearly recognizable, the stigmata gradually disappear. The last 50 kilometres that he undertook with the historian and cartographer Laurent Gontier in 2019 result in a photographic work with a virtually archaeological approach.