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Exhibition, Private collection

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14 + 15 SEP 2019, 12.30pm—4pm
Opening 9 SEP 2019, 7pm

That Was the ›Bauhaus Immaginista‹

Why Guy Debord allowed Ansger Jorn to continue painting

In several letters to architect Max Bill in 1955, Asger Jorn discussed re-establishing the Bauhaus. Unsuccessful in his efforts, he founded Laboratorio del Movimento Internazionale per una Bauhaus Immaginista together with Piero SImondo and Giuseppe  Pinot-Gallizion in Albisola. Two years later, Jorn’s avant-garde movement fused with Guy Debord’s Situationist International (SI). The exhibition ›That Was the Bauhaus Immaginista‹ at the Elke und Arno Morenz Collection (EAMC) held during Berlin Art Week will reveal why Guy Debord excluded all other painters, but allowed Asger Jorn to continue painting, and many other secrets. On view will be newly acquired works by Simondo and Pinot Gallizio alongside very rare documents from this little known but very eventful period in art history.