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Alexis Dworsky, Fitte Kadenz, Arbeitsprozess, 2019
Alexis Dworsky, Fitte Kadenz, Testlauf, 2019


14 SEP, 4.30—6pm 
15 SEP, 4.30—6pm 
27 SEP,  from 5.30 pm 


Fitte Kadenz—Jogging Performance in public space

Alexis Dworsky ›Fitte Kadenz‹ in collaboration with Cajus Heinzmann

A group of joggers is running in drill through Berlin. As they run, they repeat a cadence chant sung by their ›drill instructor‹, a freestyle hip-hopper. ›Fitte Kadenz‹ is a performative choreography in public space, focusing on covert militarism in our everyday culture and the activities of the arms industry in Berlin. Three runs through Mitte, Kreuzberg and Tempelhof will pass arms companies’ premises, sites of former arms production and offices of arms-critical organisations.

14 SEP, 4.30—6pm (Starting and ending at: Platz der Luftbrücke, Tempelhof Airport main entrance)

15 SEP, 4.30—6pm (Starting and ending at: The entrance to U6 Stadtmitte underground station, opposite Friedrichstraße 60)

27 SEP,  from 5.30 pm (Starting and ending at: Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2)