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Jenna Westra, Nipple Tableaux, 2019. Courtesy Schwarz Contemporary, Photos: Jenna Westra.
Jenna Westra, Legs and Chair (Armature), 2019. Courtesy Schwarz Contemporary, Photos: Jenna Westra

Exhibition, Art Awards

Exhibition 6 SEP 2019—12 OCT 2019

Jenna Westra—She's Reading 1

On 5 SEP 2019 we will be opening the first solo show of Brooklyn-based American artist Jenna Westra. Jenna Westra’s first solo show in a commercial gallery in Germany will be held during Berlin Art Week in mid-September 2019 and we especially look forward to presenting a new position in Berlin to mark the new season: Jenna Westra already presented her work at the gallery in a group show this past January entitled 'thoughts on tactility' with six additional artists and we will now be expanding our engagement with the analogue-working American artist in a solo show this fall. Jenna Westra (born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1986) arranges and photographs primarily female bodies in strange, disturbing scenes. In the process, she works with analogue photography in black and white and colour. Westra also works as a video artist: in her first solo show 'She's Reading 1' we will be focusing solely on her photographic work.