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Annie Francé-Harrar und Dr. Soto neben einem Haufen Edaphonhumus, Mexiko, Oktober 1953 © Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum, Linz


Exhibition  17 AUG—27 OCT 2019

Licht Luft Scheiße. Perspectives on Ecology and Modernity

›Licht Luft Scheiße [Light Air Shit]. Perspectives on Ecology and Modernity‹ proposes a diverse series of twentieth-century concepts and practices that resonate with our current ideas of sustainability. They are both historical references and points of departure for novel or updated reflections on alternative ways of living in the globalised world. In light of the on-going destruction of Planet Earth we must fundamentally rethink our relationship to the biosphere and all non-human beings.

The selection of archive material, historical sources and artefacts on display at the nGbK dates mainly from the first half of the twentieth century and bears witness to conceptual and practical forerunners of current ecological models and solutions. Highlights, inter alia, are the experiment in self-sufficiency launched by Leberecht Migge and Elisabeth Elsaesser in 1933 on their ›Sun Island‹ in Lake Seddin, near Berlin; and Raoul Francé and Annie Francé-Harrars’ research into, and illustration of, soil organisms.

With: Marte Aas, Tal Alon Mozes, bankleer, Oliver Botar, Thomas Elsaesser, David Haney, Martina Hanusová, Michael Klein & Sasha Pirker, Aglaia Konrad, Joachim Krausse, Wolfram Kunick, Merete Mattern, Joaquín Medina Warmburg, Alessandra Ponte, Daniel Spruth, Tal Sterngast, Gitte Villesen, Yvonne Volkart a.o.