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Kotti-shop, Multiloge des Urbanen_Konglomerate © Kotti-Shop
© Kotti-Shop

Exhibition, Project space

Exhibition 13—15 SEP 2019
Opening 12 SEP 2019, 7pm

Multiloge des Urbanen_Konglomerate

With all its layers, fractures, openings, borders, symbols and signs, the urban space is not only a spatial-architectural fabric but also and above a place of multilayered togetherness. Based on the assumption of the interdependence of structure and action, the urban space is the place in which creative processes of neighborhoods become possible and furthermore are able to manifest themselves. With Kotti-Shop‘s 10 years of practice, ›Multiloge des Urbanen_Konglumerate‹ shows artistic works on the urban space at Kottbusser Tor (Berlin, Kreuzberg) linked with other urban spaces combining artistic solo-works with participatory strategies and theoretical positions.

Mittelpunktbibliothek Adalbertstraße
Adalbertstr. 2
10999 Berlin

Opening 12 SEP, 5—7pm
open during opening hours of the library

›Denkbilder der Nachbarschaft‹
Augmented reality installation

›Denkbilder der Nachbarschaft‹ is a cooperation between the Mittelpunktbibliothek Adalbertstraße and the Kotti-Shop and neighbours at the Kottbusser Tor.

›Mapping the Common Ground‹

Wallpaper installation on the facade of the central library Adalbertstraße, as part of the Kotti Shop exhibition ›Conglomerates‹. ›Mapping the Common Ground‹ is a cooperation of the Central Library Adalbertstraße with the Kotti-Shop and the neighbourhood in the Neuen Kreuzberger Zentrum, funded by the District Office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

14. SEP, from 8pm

›Sentimental Punk‹
Avant-garde film series meets soundscapes

Two soundtracks. One movie. Sentimental Punk shows every 11th of the month a selection of structuralist and avant-garde filmmakers and invites 2 sound artists who improvise live to the films. Sentimental Punk will be curated by Dafne Narvaez Berlfein.