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Friederike Feldmann, PS 1, 2011 © Friederike Feldmann / VG BILD—KUNST, Bonn, 2011
Natalie Czech A negative calligramme by Quinn Latimer (Cleaning) 2018 © Natalie Czech / VG BILD—KUNST, Bonn, 2018


Exhibition  1 SEP 2019—2 FEB 2020

Natalie Czech/Friederike Feldmann

In their works, the artists Natalie Czech and Friederike Feldmann deal with the pictorial nature of text and writing and question at what point meanings arise. In her series of photographs, Natalie Czech (*1976 in Neuss, lives in Berlin) develops new meanings in the aesthetic interweaving of textual and pictorial levels. By contrast, what appear to be written characters in Friederike Feldmann’s (*1962 in Bielefeld, lives in Berlin) painting cannot be deciphered, even though they at first appear legible. The double exhibition in the Maschinenhaus at the KINDL—Centre for Contemporary Art brings the works of these two artists into a dialogue and also presents completely new works, some of which were conceived for the exhibition.