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Sitzende mit Bühnenmaske von Oskar Schlemmer im Stahlrohrsessel von Marcel Breuer, um 1926. Photo: Erich Consemüller, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin © Dr. Stephan Consemüller
Stahlrohr-Armlehnsessel, Entwurf (1925) von Marcel Breuer, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, Foto: Fotostudio Bartsch © Estate Marcel Breuer


Exhibition 6 SEP 2019–-27 JAN 2020
Opening 5 SEP 2019, 7pm

original bauhaus. The centenary exhibition

Marking the centenary of the Bauhaus’s founding, the Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung’s exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie is presenting famous, familiar and forgotten Bauhaus originals and recounting the history behind the objects: Who is the woman sitting on the tubular-steel chair? Does the Haus am Horn have a secret twin? Why have the tea infusers which were created as prototypes for industrial production always remained one-of-a-kind pieces? ›original bauhaus‹ sheds light on how unique work and series, remake and original are inseparably linked in the history of the Bauhaus. Around 700 exhibits will be on display: art and design from the Bauhaus-Archiv’s collection, exceptional loans from international collections and contemporary artistic positions.