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Radio in Blue. Photo: Gabi Schaffner
Datscha Radio Team: Niki Matita, Kate Donovan, Gabi Schaffner, Helen Thein. Poto: Steffi Bahro

Project space

Radio art 12—15 SEP 2019 online at
Opening 13 SEP 2019, 7—11pm
(at the Project Space Art Award at Humboldthain Club)

Radio Seed Bombs

Radio Art by Kate Donovan, Niki Matita and Gabi Schaffner

Datscha Radio casts ›Radio Seed Bombs‹: On the evening of the award ceremony, Datscha Radio will release three radiophonic loops at Humboldthain Club, that can be captured on site with radio receivers.

›Radio Seed Bombs‹ is an acoustic cross-pollination and self-fertilization in one, conceived by radio artists Kate Donovan, Niki Matita and Gabi Schaffner. 

Kate Donovan will explore the sounds and stories of various seeds on their journeys through water, air, and bodies: a cosmos of dispersal, told in radio snippets and sent upon a breeze.Niki Matita will weave field recordings, original sounds, sound recordings and found footage into associative stories. ›Babosa‹ explores the secret life and death of the nudibranchs. With ›Gymnospermium Pills‹, Gabi Schaffner will present an illustrious potpourri of Chinese shortwave radio, lawnmower microsymphonies, and tiny garden soundscapes in fourteen miniature compositions.

This radio art intervention can be experienced via personal radios, and perhaps the visitors will stumble upon a radio seedling sprouting in the near.  ›Radio Seed Bombs‹ can also be heard between the 12 and the 15 SEP on