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Exhibition, Project space , Art Awards

Exhibition 13 SEP—13 OCT 2019, Thu—Sun 3—7pm
Special opening hours Berlin Art Week: 12—15 SEP 2019, 1—7pm
Opening 12 SEP, 7pm


For Berlin Art Week 2019, the Network of Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives is opening the exhibition ›re-space‹ at c/o Kunstpunkt Berlin.

›re-space‹ is an exhibition curated by Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und –initiativen on the subject of spatial appropriation and design. To mark the eighth award ceremony and ten years of the network’s existence, all Berlin project spaces and project initiatives were invited to build a model of their ›space‹ with a fictional exhibition situation. The models submitted visualize various spaces, constructions, and exhibition formats of the active project spaces in the city. The presentation of the models submitted is embedded in an exhibition concept that also develops an open archive with original documents, including three artistic positions thematically and a contextualizing auxiliary programme with lectures, workshops, and artist talks.