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Sergey Kasich, 2011, Photo: Julia Borovaya

Project space , Performance

as part of the opening of the exhibition ›re-space‹
at c/o Kunstpunkt Berlin
Performance 12 SEP 2019, 19 Uhr

Sergey Kasich. FingerRing—FrR

In his work, the young Russian artist Sergey Kasich, currently a guest of the DAAD’s Berlin Artists’ Program, likes to blur the line separating artist and technician. A combination of DIY technologies, gestures, and corporeality characterizes his performance FingerRing—FrR. Kasich uses the electric conductivity of the skin to design a multi-channel performance in an intuitive, improvisational fashion. Kasich developed the technical set up several years ago, as a very simple, affordable, and simple method to work with electronic sounds. The performance is at the same time a preview of the exhibition Kling Kludge with two interactive installations, W-A-Y (Where-Are-You, 2014) and P-F-X (Presence-Effect, 2015/2019), presented by singuhr—projects in collaboration with the Berlin Artists’ Program of the DAAD from 19 SEP—5 OCT 2019 in r ACUD Galerie (Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin, opening 18 SEP 2019, 7 pm).