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Max Renneisen, Strangers in Paradise Photo: Gunter Lepkowski

Exhibition, Private collection

13 + 14 SEP 2019, 3—6pm

Strangers in Paradise. Max Renneisen

In his works, Max Renneisen addresses the classical subject of the naked man in nature and the related concept of an ideal existence. Ancient Arcadia and the Lost Paradise have always been places of longing and synonyms for a better world. Also nowadays, when humanity becomes increasingly aware of how much it has shaken its natural environment by its need for civilization, the recurring idea that man had to find his way back to his original state in the lap of nature reaches a new climax. For his paintings and drawings Max Renneisen chooses figures from modern imagery, be it nudist magazines or private photographs, and puts them into constructed landscapes, which go back to painters like Poussin, Reynolds, or Corot. He thereby creates continuity from Baroque imagery to that of the 21st century, while at the same time creating a tension between the ideal of nature of the past and the contemporary concept of nature. Fundamental questions about the relationship between nature and culture arise.

Special exhibition in the showroom of the collection