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Peter Radelfinger, Zeichnung aus der AA-Serie, Sommer 2020, Berlin (oqbo-Serie), DIN A 4. © oqbo
Giandomenico Tiepolo, Idée Pittoresche Sopra La Fugga in Egitto di Giesu, Maria e Gioseppe, Blatt 14, Detail, 1753. © oqbo

Exhibition , Project space

... außer vielleicht eine Konstellation. Hommage á Giandomenico Tiepolo

7 AUG—12 SEP 2020
10—12 SEP, 3—6pm

Helene Appel, Berlin / Francis Alÿs, Mexiko / Monika Bartholomé, Köln / Bernhard Blume, (1937—2011) / Bettina Blohm, New York / Claus Böhmler, (1939—2017); Sandra Boeschenstein, Zürich / Christian Boltanski, Paris / George Brecht, (1926—2008) / Stanley Brouwn, (1935—2017) / Winfried Bullinger, Berlin / Frieder Butzmann, Berlin / Kyung-hwa Choi-ahoi, Berlin / Henning Christiansen, (1932—2008) / Philip Corner, New York / Marcel van Eeden, Zürich / Robert Filliou, (1926—1987) / Friederike Feldmann, Berlin / Terry Fox, (1943—2008) / Hulda Hakon, Island / Sibylle Hofter, Berlin / Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Polen / Simon Lewis, Dänemark / Nanne Meyer, Berlin / Katharina Meldner, Berlin / Sofie Bird Møller, Berlin / Sener und Erkan Öygen, Türkei / Christian Pilz, Berlin / Peter Radelfinger, Zürich / Alexander Roob, Düsseldorf / Christian Schiebe, Berlin / Rrose Selavy, (1887—1968) / Giandomenico Tiepolo, (1727—1804) / Nikos Valsamakis, Hamburg / Amy Vogel, Chicago, Zeichnung / Emmett Williams, (1925—2007)

2020—The Tiepolo year! The 27 panels of the entire Escape to Egypt cycle as a wonderfully precise reprint build the core of the exhibition. Furthermore we show contemporary works that are directly related to it. Three categories are of interest: the situation of escape, of course, the foreign, the global; then the formal of the narrative, the sequence, and finally time, i.e. the encounter between old and contemporary art, between older and younger artists. Overall, it is about movement and agility as an expression. It is precisely the subtle, humane and sometimes humorous depiction of the Tiepolo cycle, which rekindles our curiosity from page to page, also forces us to think about the line, the form, the style, the poetry.

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