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Cao Fei, My Future is Not a Dream 02, 2006, C-print. © Cao Fei
Cao Fei, My Future is Not a Dream 04, 2006. © Cao Fei


Cao Fei. Whose Utopia?

9—14 SEP 2020
Wed—Mon 11am—6pm, Thu 11am—9pm 
Opening 9 SEP, 11am—9pm

On the occasion of the Berlin Art Week the PalaisPopulaire presents Cao Fei’s film ›Whose Utopia?‹ (2006). It accompanies the exhibition ›Time Present—Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection‹ which includes photographs from the artist’s series ›My Future is Not a Dream‹. Contemporary photographers take pressing social issues as the point of departure for formulating hopes and fears about what the future will bring. For her video and photo series ›Whose Utopia?‹ (2006), Cao Fei worked for six months in a light—bulb factory in the Pearl River Delta in China. During this time, she held workshops with young labourers at which she encouraged them to share their own utopian ideas and to act out their wishes for the future in performances right in the factory hall. The resulting photographs look poetic and imaginative and they provide an insight into the conflict between global consumer culture, individual longings, tradition, and belief. At the same time, however, they critically examine the process of social and economic change in modern China.

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