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Jo Zahn, Notepad detailing number of visitors to the watchtower. Photo: Jo Zahn
Jo Zahn, Protected signane within the tower detailing the Letzte Überprüfung date (03/86). Photo: Jo Zahn
Jo Zahn, Renovation of the watchtower following water damage (1). Photo: Jo Zahn

Project space , Exhibition

caretaking: 2020—1990

9 SEP—13 SEP 2020

30 years of artistic use of the former GDR watchtower at Schlesischer Busch
Melanie Jame Wolf, Max Brück, The Watch (Chris Gylee, Dominique Hurth, Jo Zahn)

Immediately following the fall of the Berlin Wall, songwriter Kalle Winkler and a group of associates occupied the watchtower and established within it the ›Museum of Forbidden Art” (das Museum der Verbotenen Kunst). Their occupation of the tower, and its subsequent use by various artistic groups, prevented the building from being demolished unlike virtually every other Berlin Wall watchtower within the city limits. To mark the 30th anniversary of its first occupation, The Watch—in collaboration with raumlabor berlin—have installed a brand-new archive on the ground-floor bringing together documents and artistic artefacts produced in the tower since 1990. During Berlin Art Week the archive will be open to visitors and especially activated throughout the tower in a series of installations. Our 2020 artists-in-residence Melanie Jame Wolf and Max Brück will show excerpts of their work and share the results of research conducted over the course of the thematic caretaking cycle.

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