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Hyphen Labs, PushMi PullYu, 2020. Rendering: Hyphen Labs
Hyphen Labs, PushMi PullYu, 2020. Rendering: Hyphen Labs



11 SEP, 12am—8pm

The exhibition ›PushMi PullYu‹ by art and design studio Hyphen-Labs transforms the exhibition space into an experimental laboratory and a stage for swarm intelligent robots. Shadows of robots scurry through a room bathed in colored light. Visitors experience the enigmatic movement of automated devices and their projections on the floor and on the walls. While the interaction of the robots might seem arbitrary at first, the public will observe how under certain lighting conditions a seemingly random action turns into a choreography and a chaotic shadow casting transforms into an intentional pattern. Moreover, the visitors can decide to influence the scenario by adding a light input that triggers the swarm intelligent behavior. Through ›PushMi PullYu‹, Hyphen-Labs encourages the public to explore concepts of consciousness and decision-making. The installation will be an arena for the replication of dualistic theories, research on brain activity, and debates on free will.

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