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[Translate to English:] Ulrich Wüst, aus der Serie ›Hellersdorf‹, Cecilienstraße, Richtung Marzahn, Berlin 1998.
[Translate to English:] Ulrich Wüst, aus der Serie ›Hellersdorf‹, Kastanienallee, Glauchauer Straße, Berlin 1998.


Opening Revision: Periphery as a Place. The Hellersdorf Project. Photo series by Helga Paris and Ulrich Wüst

c/o station urbaner kulturen
Opening 12 SEP, 4—8pm

The exhibition ›Periphery as a Place.  The Hellersdorf Project‹, organised by Ulrich Domröse (now curator for photography at the Berlinische Galerie), was first shown at the nGbK in Kreuzberg over twenty years ago. Now nGbK will present two of the photo series from that exhibition—urban landscapes by Ulrich Wüst and portraits of young people by Helga Paris—at its satelite location, the station urbaner kulturen in Hellersdorf. This revision will afford a new discussion about the work and will be complimented by additional works by both photographers.

For the exhibition in 1999 commissioned by the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft [housing association] Hellersdorf (WoGeHe), Ulrich Domröse invited the renowned artists Helga Paris and Ulrich Wüst, as well as Jens Rötzsch and Max Baumann, to explore the large Hellersdorf housing estate and to materialise their observations in photographic series.

Frictions between the Hellersdorf Project today and in 1999 will now be the subject of a re-examination in the station urbaner kulturen: how has the estate developed since 1999, what connections exist between the inner city and the periphery, and what are the people involved in the original project doing today? In addition, the photo series will be placed in the context of the photographers’ bodies of artistic work.

nGbK-Project Group ›station urbaner kulturen‹: Jochen Becker, Fabian Bovens, Eva Hertzsch, Margarete Kiss, Constanze Musterer, Adam Page. Support: Jana Müller. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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