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Lothar Hempel, Mäusebunker, 2014-20. © Lothar Hempel
Kurssaal Hygieneinstitut, Fehling+Gogel. © Kay Fingerle
Berlin, Mäusebunker, 2020. © Kay Fingerle

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Mäusebunker—A film by Lothar Hempel

Further Events: Mäusebunker—a film by Lothar Hempel
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13 SEP 2020, 12.30pm  
Film screening  
Filmkunst 66, Bleibtreustraße 12, 10623 Berlin

In the context of the exhibition Mäusebunker & Hygieneinstitut: Versuchsanordnung Berlin on 13 SEP 2020 at 12.30pm, the BDA Galerie invites you to a screening of the lastest version of the film Mäusebunker at the cinema Filmkunst 66 in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

The Mäusebunker, eponym and protagonist of the film, which was realized from 1967 to 1981 according to the designs of Gerd and Magdalena Hänska, forms the impressive setting of the collage by Lothar Hempel, which is narrated in episodes and at times appears surreal. The film has been produced as an open work in progress since 2014 and can be seen in its latest version, which was created for the exhibition.

On the occasion of the premiere the artist wrote about his work:

 ›The film ›Mäusebunker‹ focuses on the Institute for Experimental Medicine in Berlin - an animal testing laboratory and a utopian building that looks like a battleship. In a highly speculative way, the film describes the time between 1981, the year the Mäusebunker was built, and today. We move in a parallel universe, a world in which there are only women. The film is not only about the relationship between sexuality and architecture, but about so much more. The Mäusebunker is the center of everything, the center of gravity from which the images emanate and to which everything falls back again. The film was shot only with amateur actresses, friends of Lothar Hempel from the Berlin art scene. The action is random, as in a Cadavre Exquis, but not unintentional - one scene leads to the next. Mäusebunker has an open structure, functions more like a collection of ideas and improvisations. Mäusebunker is an endless film without a final form and the very best entertainment.‹

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