• 9 SEP , 10:00h - 21:00h
  • 10 SEP , 10:00h - 21:00h
  • 11 SEP , 10:00h - 21:00h
  • 12 SEP , 10:00h - 21:00h
  • 13 SEP , 10:00h - 19:00h

Kirsten Pieroth. Down to Earth. Klima Kunst Diskurs unplugged. 2020. Courtesy the artist.


Down to Earth. Klima Kunst Diskurs unplugged

Finnisage Week
9—13 SEP
Wed—Sat 10 am—9 pm, Sun 10 am—7 pm
From the programme series Immersion

›Down to Earth‹, our summer at the Gropius Bau: four weeks without electricity, loudspeakers, videos, screens, air travel or spotlights, but with daylight, heat, recycling, analogue music, dance and talks by experts on change, exhibits on the themes of the ocean, Gaia, puddles, the living earth, a sawn-up Porsche and modern rituals, in the spirit of Latour, Margulis, Lovelock and the Shipibo—14 rooms and different overall every day.

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