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Hans Haacke, Der Bevölkerung, 2000. © Hans Haacke / VG Bild-Kunst, Photo: Stefan Müller, 2008


Guided Tour at Bundestag ›Der Bevölkerung‹ Hans Haacke

Sat 11am

Hans Haacke’s work ›Der Bevölkerung‹, which he designed in 1998 at the invitation of the German Bundestag for the northern atrium of the Reichstag building refers to the words “Dem Deutschen Volke” (For the German People) which Peter Behrens had mounted on the gable over the Western entrance to the Reichstag in 1916. The artist reproduces the style of writing in neon lettering, but changed the dedication to ›Der Bevölkerung‹ or ›For the Population.‹ He placed the writing horizontally in a flower bed and called on representatives of the Bundestag (currently 709) to each contribute a hundredweight of soil from their respective electoral district. Seeds that are found coincidentally in the soil and seeds from the Berlin air contribute to create lush vegetation. Beside questioning the concept of the ›Volk‹ (people) and its racist link to the soil in the ›Blut und Boden‹ (blood and soil) ideology of the Nazis, Haacke creates a processual artwork, which in its constant changing is inseparable with the existence of parliamentary democracy. Curator: Oliver Schwarz

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