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Josephine Baker, The Land Lies (detail), 2020, dover chalk on ceramic tiles, artificial grass, wood, concrete, glass, clay, board, pigments, household paint. Courtesy the Artist and Bungalow / ChertLüdde, Berlin


Josephine Baker. The Land Lies

 4 SEP—31 OCT 2020
Tue—Sat  noon—8pm
Special opening hours Berlin Art Week 9—13 SEP, noon—7pm
Opening 4 SEP, 6—9pm
c/o Bungalow

The Land Lies is a newly conceived installation by Josephine Baker (b. 1990, London) for ›Bungalow‹ at ChertLüdde, on the occasion of Gallery Weekend Berlin. Using readily-available building and landscaping materials, Baker composes physical metaphors for how the natural earth is represented in a capitalocentric world. Factory standardised and processed almost beyond recognition, Baker forms these materials in turn into signifiers of the complex distancing of ›nature‹ from ›culture‹ in today’s markets and urban topographies. She relates this process directly to the anthropogenic conflation of natural and manmade catastrophe in its increasingly frequent manifestations across the globe. In invented languages of reconciliation, different materials and forms allegorise events to each other. They create microclimates of dependency and exchange, telling stories of labour and survival which unearth the histories of what (and where) their sources are, and the processes they have undergone. Baker’s installation at ›Bungalow‹ is motivated by isolationism in the many senses of the word: political, social, and geographical. The show’s title, The Land Lies, addresses the conflict within the symbolic, naming the direct topographical ›lay of the land‹ as indistinguishable from the geopolitics of nationhood grafted onto it: the fraught combination of the way land is and the way it is not.

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