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Johannes Büttner, The Factory, Installation, dimension variable. Courtesy: the Artist
Umut Yasat, Der Stapel 28, Foam, air, plastic, iron, copper, clay, paper, adhesive, Cardboard, ink, Pencil, Aluminum, Glass, Whiskey, Tobacco, Wood, Leather, Wool, Cotton, toothpaste, hair, paint, steel, stainless steel, cork, 2019, 175 x 42 x 51 cm. © GNYP Gallery
Bussaraporn Thongchai “A room of one’s own”, a tribute to Georgian street female painters and vendors, 2019 Installation, Live-Performance, Interview. Courtesy: the Artist
Belle Phromchanya Capital of Mae La, Video still, 2019 single channel video, sound, color, 38:00 min. Courtesy: the Artist

Further events

Majhi International Art Residency

Weitere Termine: Majhi International Art Residency
For this event, prior to your visit please inform yourself about the relevant access conditions and special requirements at

10—12 September 2020
Special opening hours noon—9pm
Free Admission

Der Bogen
An der Michaelbrücke 1
10179 Berlin

From August 24th the artists will bring together their work and have conversations following the program the curator proposed for the 2020 edition of Majhi. During the first weeks, the residency program foresees periodic discussion rounds between the curator and the artists with guest participants that meet this edition’s guiding question, such as the artists Willem de Rooij and Tonny Nowshin. Further invitees are Melanie Bonajo, Nguyễn + Transitory, and the collective Soy Division. Conversations will revolve around processes of decolonisation in institutions, sharing crafts and food between communities, future technology, and care, and integrating climate activism in art practices.

Following the first weeks of the residency, a presentation will be on show for the audience between September 10th and 12th. The adjoining public program, also carefully taking restrictions around Covid-19 into account, will include performances and artists talks by three of the discussion-round guests: Nguyễn + Transitory, Tonny Nowshin, and Soy Division. Majhi’s closing exhibition overlaps with the Gallery Weekend and the Art Week events, both profiting from and collaborating with the Berliner artistic scene at the period.

Majhi International Art Residency Program fits the purposes of DBF by being an international platform that promotes creative connections and cultural exchange. Through the encounters between international working artists, the project hopes to provide the participating artists with the opportunity to engage in a mutually beneficial experience. Last but not least, the artists are encouraged to explore relevant current topics encompassing contemporary art.

The curator Zippora Elders states: „Central to the exchanges during these weeks is the guiding question: how to shape a society of care? The residency is formed around international artists and collectives meeting in Berlin. Together ideas on future and kinship will be discussed in the context of having multiple homes and knowledge systems while pursuing a practice from Europe. The outcome is a public program with exhibition, talks, and performances showing a variety of artistic attitudes, yet a shared conversation on diasporas, resonance and dissonance, global climate, and local time.“

The Berliner edition of the Majhi International Art Residency Program is the second of a series of brief artistic residencies to be promoted by DBF annually for 10 years. The first edition was curated by Caterina Corni and held in 2019 in Venice at the same time as that year’s Venice Art Biennale.

DBF believes that artistic residencies play an important role in promoting artists’ curiosity to move across the world and in encouraging reflections upon important contemporary issues. Thus, artistic and cultural dialogue can increase the understanding between countries and cultures.