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Mari Sunna, Just Fine, 2020, oil on canvas, 65 x 60 cm. Photo: Jussl Tiainen

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4—24 SEP 2020 
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Galerie Burster 
Kurfürstendamm 213
10719 Berlin

Mari Sunna (*1972 in Espoo, Finland, based in Helsinki) treats in her figurative paintings soul states that are very familiar to us. She makes a range of emotional conditions such as longing, loneliness and emotional vulnerability, but also joy and high spirits, the oscillation between emotional highs and lows and everything in between, perceptible in a sensitive and very ethereal way. 
Sometimes there are soft, fragile, hovering figures, sometimes only their tender, round faces, satisfied, charming, resting in themselves, melancholically dreamy, or in deep insecurity, sometimes funny, rebellious or just pretty angry, the gaze often turned directly towards the viewer.
Sunna's very own expressive, precise and sensitive handwriting is always recognizable. A handwriting that reveals her instinctive sense for the absolute essentials.
Just like us and our various mental states themselves, her figures simply exist, and yet at the same time reveal something that goes beyond the motif itself and tells so much more than what we see.
They seem incredibly close to us – in times of digital communication culture, when we are longing for real, authentic feelings – and especially today, in a moment when everything that used to be ‘normal‘ has suddenly passed away, a moment when physical closeness is disturbed indefinitely by lockdowns and social distance requirements. 
Sunna's paintings touch in a very intimate, intuitive way, addressing something unspeakable deep inside us, where we recognize ourselves and through which we feel connected to each other.