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Discussion and Talk , Digital

Martin Roth Symposium. MuseumFutures

7—11 SEP 2020,
Wed—Fri 2pm—9pm
c/o Naturkundemuseum Berlin
Martin Roth Symposium. MuseumFutures
Hybrid, analogue/digital space of encounter at Berlin’s Museum für Naturkunde

This symposium poses critical questions on the future of the museum and invites us to develop a democratic museum space from a global perspective. How can museums of the future be conceived as spaces of polyvocal and critical dialogue if we posit that cultural artefacts belong to all of humanity and that participation and inclusion are integral components of living communities? How are historical and future developments included in this dialogue? What contribution can they make in times of growing, anti-liberal tendencies to establish a democratic culture? And is it at all possible to see the museum in a radical democratic light?

The symposium recalls the legacy of one of the most innovative museum directors and cultural policymakers in Germany, Martin Roth. The goal of the Martin Roth Symposium is to bring together pioneers from the realms of culture, scholarship, art and politics to develop new concepts and future scenarios.

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