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Photo: Oliver Mögt

Exhibition , Project space

*move it—Special exhibition. 9th Project Space Award

c/o Kunstpunkt Berlin

11—20 SEP 2020
Special opening hours Berlin Art Week Do—So, 3—7pm

Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativen (network of independent Berlin project spaces and initiatives) is pleased to accompany this year's award ceremony for the Award for Artistic Project Spaces and Initiatives 2020 with a presentation, entitled *move it, in the exhibition rooms of Kunstpunkt Berlin, Schlegelstraße 6, 10115 Berlin.

In addition to information material on the current award winners, the exhibition also presents video clips, a series of Agit posters as giveaways from the network, as well as documentations and archive material on the political work of the independent scene and on the current situation.

This year’s award ceremony has been adapted to the pandemic and will be held under the motto of *move it in form of a rally through the urban space. The project space operators will finally come together at Kunstpunkt Berlin, as an intervention in public space, after having travelled their individual routes to get there. During these rickshaw rides, the journey through the urban space is being filmed and directly transferred to a YouTube channel via a livestream, so that people can participate anywhere: at the art fair, on the underground, in the restaurant or a different city. The tour can be watched via livestream or directly from the side of the road. The award winners have submitted another short video clip each for the exhibition and the livestream as an intro and/or interlude without sound. These video clips are silent, visual comments on the current situation and on the question: Where are we headed?

The tours will be accompanied with artistic interventions by Laura Mello, who is having agitational slogans called out as melodic signals, such as ›*move it‹, ›Take Over Abandoned Spaces‹ or ›Leave Traces‹ and ›Solidarity‹. These slogans are closely linked to the cultural policy and the culture-producing work of the project space scene. The Agit slogans stem from a collection that was conceived by the network in 2015 and is continuously being expanded since then. During the exhibition, the network's archive is accessible and will be updated with new material.

This year's motto *move it is also a call for the protection of the project space scene: As the largest ›exhibition house‹ of the city, project spaces and initiatives contribute to a heterogeneous urban structure in their respective districts and provide a crucial decentralisation, diversity and variety. ›We‹ urgently need a long-term strategy for preservation. The city needs us, and we continue to need security in terms of rent costs and a livelihood that enables our independence and self-determination.

* Let us move in solidarity!

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