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Collection Regard, Hein Gorny. © Hein Gorny /Collection Regard
Collection Regard, Hein Gorny. © Hein Gorny /Collection Regard

Exhibition , Private collection

Photo: Hein Gorny

3 SEP—11 DEZ 2020
Special opening hours Berlin Art Week 9—13 SEP, 3—6.30pm
Opening 3 SEP, 4.30—9pm

This exhibition focuses on publications featuring photographs by Hein Gorny (1904—1967), a photographer who worked on the boundary of the new objectivity and the new vision. Gorny’s publications were very numerous, including art journals and advertising catalogues, illustrated magazines, and photography books. Hein Gorny worked for many years for various companies such as Pélikan, Bahlsen, the paper manufacturer Feldmühle, or ROGO, a stocking and sock maker. These publications were not only numerous in Germany, but internationally, especially in Switzerland, Austria, the UK, and in France in particular. The selection of the presented works and prints, many of which were never before exhibited, focuses on the paper business and linked areas. This selection is complemented by motifs that were published internationally, especially in ›Arts et Métiers Graphique‹, the most important French art journal during the 1930s. After being shown this past November in Paris at Librairie Métamorphoses at Quartier Latin, a place dedicated to books, manuscripts, and photography that attracts experts from around the world, a second stage took place in Mannheim at Port 25, where the exhibition was shown as part of the Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie with a special selection by David Campany. The next stage of the exhibition series is now to be presented at Collection Regard in Berlin.

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