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Utopia is not a Promise but a Joint Venture © Arts of the Working Class


Project Space Tour by niche: TOUR WEDDING—No 1

The tours of niche Berlin​​​​​​​will lead to exciting new project spaces and initiatives in Tiergarten and Wedding. Participants can meet the people behind this year’s project space prize winners Arts of the Working Class and Trust as well as Galerie Wedding, Goeben, Tropez,Galerie Wedding, Goeben, DJ, and Hulfe. The 90-minute tours can be booked in German or English and cost 20 euros/person. Registration: (max. 10 participants)

12 SEP, noon
Tropez, Galerie Wedding, Panke Gallery, Arts of the Working Class
Meeting point: Arts of The Working Class Lynarstrasse 38, 13353 Berlin