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© Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Mader


Opening Readings From Below

9 SEP, noon—8pm

Curated by Ariane Beyn

More than ever before, artists today work with archive documents, research, and information, processing their material in innovative ways and opening it up to our collective memory for retrieval and reinterpretation. Readings from Below explores how artists engage us in new readings of our complex present by making use of the virtual potentials of archives. While the traditional institution of the archive with its sense of permanence and timeless solidity, its physical location and architecture continues to exist, in today’s world of digitized information, archives are becoming radically decentralized, temporalized, and multimodal, in line with a dynamic user culture. Anything retrieved from these various archives can be reused, re-inscribed, or restaged, offering ongoing possibilities for their reconfiguration in any given order. The group show ›Readings from Below‹ brings together works that offer less obvious, unconventional suggestions as to how to read our world, often starting with a subjective perspective, a daily environment, a particular location, or a contextual detail, only to engage us in broader social and political constellations. Subjecting selected documents, pre-existing materials, research, and information to thorough inspection and experimentation with time-based media puts the physicality, nature, and informative value of the materials to the test. The themes that will weave through this exhibition focus on the impact of the future on the past, unresolved identities, narrated sound and performed language, and readability and unreadability, thus representing a free play with contradictions and polyphonic voices. ›Reading the world from below‹ also means highlighting what is hidden, silenced, and suppressed in everyday life or in the archive, opting for a reflective mode, and attending closely to our surroundings. The exhibition will combine existing work with new commissions. Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Mader as well as Lawrence Abu Hamdan will highlight the connection between the inside and outside with new works in the façade and courtyard area of the Brunnenstr. 9 building. The exhibition will be accompanied by an event program with screenings, performances and talks.

Artists: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Musquiqui Chihying & Elom 20ce & Gregor Kasper, Hao Jingban, Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Mader, Nguyen Trinh Thi, Yuichiro Tamura und Yau Ching

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