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Adam Fuss, From the series My Ghost, Installation view, 2001, unique gelatin silver print photogram with Large Side Table with Everted Ends, Early Qing Dynasty, 17th century, tieli wood. © Nic Tenwiggenhorn / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Photo: Nic Tenwiggenhorn

Private collection , Performance

The Feuerle Incense Room

12 SEP 2020 3pm

4 participants: 250 € each
3 participants: 333 € each 
2 participants: 500 € each
1 participants: 1.000 € each 

The Feuerle Collection is pleased to announce the official opening of The Incense Room with an exclusive opportunity to take part in a Chinese incense ceremony and an unprecedented glimpse into this sophisticated and evocative ritual. As one of China’s oldest traditions, dating back over 2,000 years, the practice of the art of incense is a spiritual discipline once reserved for scholars and high monks, Emperors and dignitaries of the court. The Feuerle Collection is the first art museum to present the theme of Chinese incense culture and the only place in the world where the incense ceremony is introduced as an artistic practice, part of a curatorial work in dialogue with, and surrounded by, ancient and contemporary art. Based on the traditional knowledge of Chinese Incense Masters, The Feuerle Incense Ceremony was created by Désiré Feuerle, collector and founder of The Feuerle Collection. Dedicated to sharing this unique experience with the West, The Incense Room at The Feuerle Collection complements the synaesthetic concept of the museum. For this purpose, John Pawson has designed a special ceremonial table together with renowned Chinese incense culture experts and Masters of the art of Chinese wood furniture. »The art of incense in China is incredibly complex and relatively unknown in Europe,« notes Désiré Feuerle. »I wanted to share a contemporary and authentic version of this beautiful, ancient and refined ceremony.« The ceremony involves the use of precious incense within a ritual exploring the relationship between the scents, the senses, the human spirit and nature, revealing the high level of sophistication to which Chinese culture arrived.

Following his fundamental vision and synaesthetic approach, with the opening of The Incense Room, Désiré Feuerle completes his Gesamtkunstwerk of juxtapositions. Since the nineties, his ongoing and ground-breaking work has focused on perfecting artistic juxtapositions with the aim of creating an innovative perspective for experiencing art. The Incense Room is surrounded by The Lake Room, beautifully illuminated Khmer sculptures and contemporary artworks by Nobuyoshi Araki, Adam Fuss and Anish Kapoor, and as well as Imperial Chinese stone furniture in the lower ground floor. Integral to the incense ceremony are a series of incense tools, an incense table set and stools, as well as specially designed clothing for both the master and guests, such as kimonos and ceremony shoes. These are the result of an extensive international research project based on the vision and taste of Désiré Feuerle, the design advice of architect John Pawson, the expertise of advisor for Chinese art Jerry Chen, and the expertise and traditional craftsmanship of the Degoo-Chunzai Workshop, led by Kevin Chen.  The minimalist contemporary design of the Incense Table features technological advances that allow for an unfolding of the scent. Its production followed traditional Chinese furniture-making techniques, with the aim of creating a masterpiece in line with the aesthetic quality of gifts received by Chinese Emperors.

To celebrate the opening of The Incense Room at The Feuerle Collection, Master Wang Chun-Chin, the most important scholar and master of the traditional Imperial Chinese incense ceremony, will perform the inaugural incense ceremony on 11 October, following the guidelines of Désiré Feuerle. The ceremony will involve the use of selected rare incense, such as Green Qinan, Bhutan Qinan and Hainan Agarwood.

A visit to The Incense Room with participation in an incense ceremony is possible by appointment only.